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The next decade food and beverage packaging market will grow rapidly
Release Time:2017/3/29 10:54:09
Recently, the latest packaging and printing market report released, this report includes the printing ink, printing technology, materials, applications, and regional distribution, etc., is expected to global packaging and printing market from the current annual output value of 20.02 billion US dollars to 2026 Of the 1927.5 billion US dollars, the annual compound growth rate of 4.9%.

The report notes that the global packaging and printing market has been developed because of the rise of global manufacturing activities and demand. Driven by market drivers, such as strong demand for food and medicine, the growing use of the pharmaceutical industry and the popular use of packaging is the main driver of the packaging and printing market.

It is expected that between 2016 and 2026, the food and beverage market will be the fastest growing part. The demand for packaging and printing is experiencing high growth from the food and beverage industry, mainly due to the growing demand for packaging and branded products, as well as increased demand for product differentiation and labeling. The packaging and printing market, from the types of packaging can be divided into labels , Flexible packaging, corrugated boxes, folding cartons, etc., as well as other including rigid plastic packaging and metal packaging. Among them, the label of the most widely used, so occupy the largest market share.

Asia-Pacific region, such as China and India and other emerging economies, is expected to drive the development of packaging and printing market. By 2021, China is expected to account for the largest market share and play a leading role in the Asia Pacific packaging and printing market. The growing health care and food and beverage industry is likely to drive China's packaging and printing needs. In addition, the country's huge consumer base, the overall positive economic environment, and the increase in manufacturing activity will also promote the packaging industry needs.

The report lists the world's leading packaging and printing companies around the world are Hewlett-Packard, DuPont, Toppan Printing Co., Xerox, Mondi PLC, Quad / Graphics and WS Packaging Group. These companies have been through the introduction of new products, or acquisitions and other initiatives, which continue to meet the growing market demand.

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