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Wallpaper packing machine

BRS-1500型 Automatic table cloth packing machine


This machine is specially used for shrinkable film packaging of coil materials such as table cloth.
It has the function of automatic coating and heat shrinkage. The equipment is energy-saving, high-efficiency and saving shrinkage film (no-loss film) and has stable performance. The packaging effect is beautiful. It is the necessary equipment for modern coil manufacturers, such as table cloth. It is the best choice for machine to replace human beings.



Main technical parameters:

1. Packing speed: <10 volumes/min
2. Coil diameter: 80-120 mm
3. Width of Packaging Products: <1500mm
4. Installation capacity: 18KW
5. Gas source: 0.6 MPa
6. Power supply: three-phase 380V + 10%, 50HZ


Main features:

1. Main control: Schneider PLC programmable controller, home-made touch man-machine interface, making the operation more simple.
4. Film feeding: Frequency converter + motor is used to realize automatic film feeding, which makes the film length more precise and more film-saving.
5. Film cutting mode: The heat seal control system with international leading technology, reasonable mechanical structure and pneumatic execution make the incision clear, good fastness, fast speed and low power consumption.
6. Safety devices: equipped with safety protection devices and tips, in line with modern production safety standards.
7. All pneumatic components adopt well-known brands in Taiwan.
8. Normal Electricity adopts imported and Chinese famous brands



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