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Paper cup (bowl) packing machine

Four-in-1-out paper cup packing machine




Automatic paper cup (bowl) packing machine is one of the necessary equipment in modern paper cup production and it is the best option to replace manual work. First it solves the problem about the dust and fingerprint which is a big problem in manual work. Second it can reduce labors and save lots of packing materials. Thirdly, the packaging result is more beautiful than hand bag packaging . Our machine has lots of functions, such as automatic film feeding, air release hole punching, color mark tracking,etc. And it can be integrated into a full-automatic production line with several paper cup machines. On-line production can automatically demand film length according to the size of paper cup top diameter. Ink-jet printer can be added on packaging bag to spray production date, model and batch number.


Parameter :

Model No.



Paper cup/paper bowl

Top Diameter

Φ60mm-Φ95mm /Φ95mm-Φ150mm (other size can be customized)

Max. Stacking length of cups 


Packaging material


Packaging film thickness


Max speed



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